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just the facts with Dr. Q: visiting the physician

You visit your friendly breast surgeon to talk about your risk for cancer. Which of the following things is important to relay? 

a. Your father’s mother had ovarian cancer. 

b. You smoke cigarettes. 

c. You’ve been on combination hormone replacement therapy for 20 years. 

d. You drink a glass of wine with dinner every night. 

e. All of the above 

Answer:  e. If you’re seeing a physician to determine your risk of breast cancer, it’s important to detail your family’s health history. There are some family patterns that suggest a genetic mutation that you can be tested for and that can increase your risk of breast cancer and other diseases. Your own medication history is important; some medications can affect your breast health. Lifestyle choices often play a significant role in general health, including your breast cancer risk. Cigarettes and alcohol increase the risk for breast cancer.


October is Breast Health Awareness Month and we at Buy from a Black Woman are excited to have Dr. Q as this month's guest blogger. Throughout the month, she will be offering ideas and facts about breast health and disease to our community. For more information about Dr. Q and Delaware Breast Care, visit

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