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just the facts with Dr. Q: family history

A woman has a new diagnosis of breast cancer. Which of the following family history details suggest that she may have a genetic mutation? 

A) A sister with thyroid cancer 

B) A mother with ovarian cancer 

C) A brother with brain cancer 

D) A father with pancreatic cancer 

E) A sister with stomach cancer 

F) A mother with uterine cancer 

Answer: all of the above. A genetic mutation is an inherited trait that may increase a person’s risk for certain cancers. A family history of breast cancer and any of the other cancers listed suggest that a mutation may be present. Therefore, knowing your family history is important. Try to record who in the family had cancer, the type of cancer they had and the age at diagnosis. Tell your doctor your family history in as much detail as possible.


October is Breast Health Awareness Month and we at Buy from a Black Woman are excited to have Dr. Q as this month's guest blogger. Throughout the month, she will be offering ideas and facts about breast health and disease to our community. For more information about Dr. Q and Delaware Breast Care, visit

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