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just the facts with Dr. Q: diet

Which of the following diets has been shown to decrease the risk of breast cancer and decrease the risk of breast cancer recurrence? 

a. The Mediterranean Diet 

b. The Paleo Diet 

c. The Keto Diet 

d. The Grapefruit Diet 

e. The Atkins Diet 

Answer:  a. The Mediterranean Diet, characterized by foods such as olive oil, fresh produce, nuts, and seafood, has been studied for its effects on breast health. Not only does it reduce the risk of breast cancer; it reduces the risk of it coming back after treatment. 

What other dietary choices promote breast health?

We know that a diet high in fiber and low in sugar is excellent. Consume more fruits and vegetables than meat and select lean meat. More than two alcoholic beverages a week increase breast cancer risk.

My patients are always surprised to learn that the char marks on grilled food – those deep burn marks that give great flavor – are linked to breast cancer. If you grill, wrap your food in foil first (I know—not as delicious…).


October is Breast Health Awareness Month and we at Buy from a Black Woman are excited to have Dr. Q as this month's guest blogger. Throughout the month, she will be offering ideas and facts about breast health and disease to our community. For more information about Dr. Q and Delaware Breast Care, visit

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