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3 Black Women Businesses that will add some much needed spice to your life

Here at Buy From a Black Woman we don’t boycott, we redirect our dollars.

It’s just that easy, and we’ve made it a lot easier.

Here are Three Black Women Businesses that are creating signature spices that will have your taste buds asking, what took you so long!

As if you need another reason to support Black Women Business Owners.

Lost Vegas Tea & Spices

Lost Vegas Tea and Spice, uses farm-fresh and organic ingredients that are made to order. With signature blends like “Salt & Pepper Herre” & “The Bumble”, you’ll have the prefect blend that your taste buds craze.

Shop with her directly:

Check her out on Instagram: @LostVegasForeverLLC

Healthy On You will add the right balance of spices to some of your favorite recipes. These 100% USDA organic spice blends with an eclectic mix of music. With flavorful, fresh, and organic ingredients in each spice blends like “Here comes the yum” & “No Woman, No Spice” will have you turning up the volume with your next meal.

Shop with her directly:

Check out her instagram: @HealthyOnYou

Camella's Kitchen will help elevate your meals at home or on the go with their bold Vegan Caribbean sauces, marinades. Just in time for grilling season, their summer grilling box is the prefect edition needed when looking to marinate and spice up your dishes for the grill. Their Savory Mango Sauce will make you feel as if you you’re on an island far away from home.

Shop with them directly:

Check them out on Instagram: @CamellasKitchen

Let us know, will you be making the switch? Will you #BuyFromABlackWoman



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