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The whole month of November we are celebrating Black Women Business Owners everyday!

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Monday, November 16

A Place for Audre

A Place for Audre combines Accountability Coaching and Home Styling, two of the founder's passions. Working on the belief that the work done together internally should be reflected externally in your space, clients discover through coaching sessions how to get out of their own way, and establish tools that support internal growth. After that, the focus is turned to aesthetics and styling of one's space, figuring out what best honors an individual's needs.

Meet Kayla

Kayla, the creator behind A Place for Audre, has a background in Black feminism, anti-oppression work and years as a Social Worker working with marginalized communities. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, she is now currently based in Berkeley, CA.

When Kayla works with clients, she likes to reflect what an individual is putting out in their home and in their life, and gives them an opportunity to assess what they want to keep and what they want to shift. She advocates for growth, create a safe holding space for that growth, and keeps everyone she works with focused on their goals.

Kayla's hope is that after working with her, you will feel more autonomy and breathing space in your everyday life and your home.

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All My Boys Shop

All My Boys Shop offers casual, cool, and most importantly, comfortable apparel for little boys.

Meet Halima

Halima started All My Boys Shop two years ago out of necessity, when she found there to be a lack of fun clothing available for boys. As a mama to three young boys, she wanted to give them something they'd enjoy wearing and also wanted to create an outlet for herself outside of being a military wife and mom. It made sense to her to combine her sewing experience, fashion marketing, and management degree with her passion for creating things.

Halima is a lover of all things art, including her first love of fashion design. She is very passionate about spreading love, peace and positivity through her clothing and throughout her life.

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