say hello to reddrop, tika faya, jack n’ elle playhouse, and sancarol!

Please help us welcome the newest members of The Buy From A Black Woman Directory! RedDrop The first feminine hygiene brand designed specifically to empower school age girls. Research shows and parents know that during puberty, they need more than just a pad. RedDrop provides the products girls need and the support their parents can use, to grow strong women. [ View and Connect ] Tika Faya Target specific areas to burn fat cells in and out of the gym! Can be worn anywhere and allows you to burn fat cells anytime - it was formulated with the perfect balance and has so many benefits. Reduce pain, help muscles recover, tighten and smooth the skin, reduce cellulites, and promote normal blood circulation. [ View and Connect ] Jack N' Elle Playhouse An indoor play retreat for kids ages 0-8. Offers yoga, art and party space. [ View and Connect ] Sancarol Provides original art on merchandise that mixes old school genres to new school flavors. Custom Portraits by Commission seasonally accepted. [ View and Connect ]

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