11 Black Women Businesses That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Craving

Looking to indulge? Or maybe you have a special occasion coming up and want to support a Black Woman Bakery. Whatever the reason may be, here are 11 Black Women Businesses that will satisfy your sweet tooth is craving. The Cookie Dip Company The Cookie Dip Company provides accessories for your cookies. It's the sweet alternative to chips and dip. Have some cookies and dip instead. With flavors like mango chill & pina colada, you’ll never eat cookies the same way again. Shop with her directly: www.thecookiedipcompany.com Follow her on Instagram: @thecookiedipcompany Two Dough Girls An all-natural, sister baking duo that specializes in healthier twists on your favorite classics. Helping to erase the stigma that better for you won't taste good, and encouraging conscious eating habits that allow for cookies, candies & cakes. Shop with her directly: www.twodoughgirls.com Follow her on Instagram: @twodoughgirls Baked at Grammy’s Do you remember what it felt like to sit in your Grammy’s kitchen and eat some of her chocolate chip cookies? Baked at Grammy’s offers freshly baked cookies and granola with the hopes to transport you back to your childhood memories. Shop with her directly: www.bakedatgrammys.com Follow her on Instagram: @bakedatgrammys Gillian Home of Chocoberries Gillian started offering custom chocolate covered strawberries, when she knew she wanted to create something more of a boutique for strawberries. In addition to her signature item she also has macaroons, custom Oreo designs, exquisite rice Krispy treat designs and other goodies. Shop with her directly: www.gillianhomeofthechocoberries.com Follow her on Instagram: @gillianchocoberry Luv-Spun Looking for a reason to enjoy cotton candy? Look no more LuvSpun offers candyfloss that is made from raw organic sugar and is gluten free, vegan*, and made with all natural flavors and no artificial colors. Shop with her directly: https://luv-spun.com Follow her on Instagram: @luvspunfloss Zaria’s Milk Homemade cookies & treats to help breastfeeding moms increase and maintain milk supply. Containing lactation-boosting ingredients like oatmeal, brewer's yeast and flaxseed meal, treats are baked with love, made to order, and individually wrapped. Shop with her directly: https://zariasmilk.com Follow her on Instagram: @zariasmilk Crumbsy Cookie Crumbsy Cookie provides cookies. Their recipes include gluten-free rolled oats in our oatmeal raisin and oatmeal berry GF white chocolate cookies, in conjunction with all other gluten-free product options. All of our items are processed in a commercial kitchen with sanitized allergy-safe products and equipment. Shop with her directly: www.crumbsycookie.com Follow her on Instagram: @crumbsycookie Macaron Café Ohio's Chef Rogers offers authentic French macarons, European bombolone and patisseries, specialty cakes, magnificent pies, ice cream & imported gelato. Shop with her directly: https://macaroncafeohio.com Follow her on Instagram: @macaroncafecov Popcorn Junkie Popping gourmet treats with passion and a purpose to deliver goodness and do well in the community. With over 30 flavors handcrafted with the finest ingredients and non-GMO kernels. Shop with her directly: www.mypopcornjunkie.com Follow her on Instagram: @mypopcornjunkie The Green Baker An afro-Caribbean Queer-owned business that specializes in small batch chef-inspired infused edibles for a discerning consumer. Shop with her directly: https://thegreenbkr.com Follow her on Instagram: @the.green.baker Thee Dog Treats Healthy dog treats for your fur best friend! Spoil our dog with some Smoki O’s or Snout Chips. Shop with her directly: https://theedoggytreat.com Follow her on Instagram: @theedoggytreat

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