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creating healthy habits with sam of healthy on you

Eating a balanced and healthy diet is directly related to how you feel every single day! Why feel bloated and sluggish by eating sugary cereals or oily empty carbs, when you can feel energized and light by fueling your body with nutritious fruits, veggies, lean meats and healthy fats? I think eating healthy got a reputation along the way of being boring and full of flavorless steamed vegetables and dry pieces of chicken. None of that sounds appetizing, so it’s natural to gravitate towards the things that do. But what if you were able to make those veggies or chicken appetizing and enjoyable to consume? To me, that is a balanced and healthy diet and it can be done! Not sacrificing flavor for health, but finding creative ways to incorporate flavor and fun into wholesome meals has become my passion. My goal is to help it become a passion for others as well. No one should go through life thinking healthy means boring! You deserve to feel full of life and energy, and that can be achieved by making good food choices. It happens to almost all of us-- a few chips as a snack turns into an empty chip bag being thrown into the trash. This is usually followed by feelings of anger and frustration with ourselves and thoughts of having fallen off the wagon again. Then for some (and I’ve definitely been here before) the negative spiral begins of “Well, I’ve already messed up today so I might as well just count this day as a loss and throw in a few cookies”. I’m here to tell you, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. Stop blaming yourself, it doesn’t do you any good. Products like chips, brownies, candies, or whatever indulgent treats we consume that throw us off our hypothetical wagon, are created to make it difficult to have only one! And guess what. This also includes all those snacks and treats that say things like “vegan”, “non-gmo”, “low carb”, etc.. So what can you do to combat this? Try not to buy them and have whole food snacks on hand that you find delicious and enticing. I like to add some flavor to boring nuts and seeds by baking them in my spice blends, or whipping up a batch of homemade granola that allows me to control the type and amount of sweeteners used. By having these readily available, it’s become a habit to reach for these items rather than head over to my treats. If you do want a treat now and then, I recommend buying a single serving of whatever it is you’re craving. For example potato chips. Just buy the snack bag size and save yourself the negativity and feelings of having to “hop back on the wagon tomorrow”. It’s all about doing what is in your control and enabling yourself to stay positive! Recently this phrase has become popular, but I truly try to live by it: mindful eating. Getting in touch with your body and feeding it when it’s truly hungry and fueling it with nourishing foods. Mindfulness also encompasses being aware of what you’re eating. Echoing what I said above, incorporating more whole foods into your daily diet will leave you feeling satisfied longer and energized for your day! However, this does not mean muddying up these whole foods with fatty sauces, oils and dressings. By incorporating spice blends into your meals, you can still achieve flavor without adding unhealthy and high-caloric ingredients. What are a few reflective questions readers can use to check in on their current health and diet? Asking yourself probing questions is actually another component of mindful eating. I find I ask myself two questions daily to enable myself to make healthy food choices: Do I feel full of life and energy throughout my day or am I crawling to bed at night? This question allows me to check in and see if I’m fueling my body with complete, balanced meals filled with protein and healthy carbs and fats. Of course, drinking plenty of water also fits into the equation. When I eat, what am I eating and why? This is a great question to ask yourself if you feel you’re overeating or eating when you’re not really hungry. I’ve found when I get into positions where I’m overeating or just eating to eat, I’m typically bored. So by asking myself this question, I can get in touch with whether or not I need fuel or if I’m just bored. Now, when I know I’m just bored, I try to swap out eating for other activities, such as walking or just making myself a cup of tea. Sam Binkley is a Certified Health Coach and founder of Healthy On You, who was introduced to flavorful, fresh food at a young age. She was born in Jamaica, where her Indian/Jamaican mother would grind her own spices to create bold, delicious meals. With the bold and fun combination of flavors associated with Jamaican and Indian food, came loud music. Music would always be playing in the background while Sam ground spices and cooked with her mother. This influence of music can be seen in the names of her spice blends. Additionally, it was important to Sam to maintain the unique aspect of blending her own spices, which she continues to do today. Sam continues to teach in many ways, whether it be through recipes on her blog or virtual cooking classes, where she connects with her customers and provides inspiration for how to cook with her products. Whether you love spending time in the kitchen or don't want to sacrifice flavor for quick and easy meals, Healthy On You organic spice & salt blends will become a staple. For more information about Sam and Healthy on You, visit

say hello to dosso beauty and house of bawdy!

Please help us welcome the newest members of The Buy From A Black Woman Directory! Dosso Beauty An organic beauty supplier and the home of the #1 Pre-Stretched Hypoallergenic Braiding Hair! Carries an incredible wholesale, private label & white labeling program to forge partnerships with hair stylists, salon owners, beauty supply stores/ marketplaces and those who are building their own beauty brands. [ View and Connect ] House of Bawdy An adult novelty retailer that centers and celebrates the pleasure and wellness of Black people, people of color, queer folx, and people of marginalized genders. [ View and Connect ]

building a fitness Lifestyle You Love with nadia of transform with nadia

When I look back at 2020, I think of it as the year that everyone collectively realized what’s important: our mental, physical, and emotional health. It’s more important than ever to adopt healthy habits that nourish us- body, mind, and soul. So today I’m sharing my top tips to build a fitness lifestyle you’ll love. Commit to Moving Every Day. Every single year in January, hundreds of thousands of individuals set fitness goals for themselves. Statistics show that more than 73% of those people give up shortly thereafter. The thing is… Many of our lives are largely sedentary. When you sit constantly, certain muscles begin to weaken from underuse, your metabolism goes down, and your body fatigues more easily. Before you try to build a workout routine, prep your body for movement. Move More. Sit Less. The best thing you can do for your body is to commit to moving a little bit every day. Any type of movement above what you currently do can make a HUGE impact on how you feel. Start Small Aim for a slow progression into a regular exercise habit. If you start too fast, you can burn out and lose motivation. On the contrary, no amount of movement is too small to make a difference. It could be as simple as one of the following: ● Stand up and stretch every hour while you’re working ● Take a 15 minute walk after lunch ● Tune in to your favorite song at the end of the day and dance! When you start small, you give yourself the chance to build consistency. Consistency is what makes a good habit last. Once you feel ready to do more, you can add more structured workouts. Find Workouts You’ll Stick to Workout trends and fads often trick you into thinking that there are certain types of workouts that are “better” for you than others. In the long run, the best type of workouts to complete are those that you’ll do consistently. I tell my clients to choose their workouts based on: how effective they are, how fun they are, or some combination of both. What is an Effective Workout? An effective workout is one that is geared toward helping you achieve your fitness goals. For example, if your goal is to get more flexible, a combination of cardio and mobility work will get you there. If you want to gain strength in your upper body, resistance training with exercises to work your arms, chest, shoulders, and back are your best option. Effective workouts help you see tangible progress over time. Progress builds motivation, which can help you stay consistent. What Makes a Workout Fun? You may think that a truly effective workout can’t be fun. Think again! Even challenging workouts can be be enjoyable if they have one or more of the following elements: ● A coach that inspires you or makes you laugh ● An activity you love (i.e. dancing or your favorite sport) ● The opportunity to socialize with friends or acquaintances ● Great music ● A beautiful location ● The feeling of accomplishment during or after a workout These are just a handful of ways that working out can be fun. I’m sure you can think of more reasons! Make a list of the various ways you can have fun while working out. It will help you choose what activities to do and motivate you to get moving! If you need ideas for your workouts, head over to the Transform with Nadia YouTube Channel. I’ve got a ton of short, effective and fun workouts you can complete on your own at home! Reflection Questions: If you struggle with making time for exercise, get in the habit of asking yourself the following questions daily: ● How does my body feel right now? ● Have I moved today? ● What one small thing can I do to help my body feel good/better? Trial and Error All things considered, if you want to build a fitness routine you’ll love, you have to be willing to explore your options. It takes some trial and error to discover the types of exercise that work for you, the length of workouts that fit best into your life, and the goals that are most motivating for lasting success. Just keep in mind that making fitness a habit doesn’t have to be complicated. Start small by moving more today than you did yesterday. Then move forward from there. Good luck! Nadia Santiago is the founder of Transform with Nadia: Digital Fitness, Nutrition, and Wellness. She’s passionate about helping busy professionals create healthier, happier lives by teaching them how to build a lasting routine of exercise, nourishing eating habits, and positive lifestyle practices. Nadia has a Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology, is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, an OTA Certified Online Trainer, a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach, and a 500 hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher. Her combined expertise, along with nearly 10 years of experience working with clients, is what sets her apart from other online trainers and allows her to create practical, compassionate programming that helps community members transform from the inside out. For more information about Nadia and Transform with Nadia, visit

say hello to browngirl space, izayla, and hafiz sisters beauty supply!

Please help us welcome the newest members of The Buy From A Black Woman Directory! BrownGirl SPACE Advocates for BrownGirls seeking a safe space to encourage healing by promoting and providing accurate information regarding mental health awareness. BrownGirl works to connect BrownGirls with Mental Health resources in the community. [ View and Connect ] Izayla A timeless and versatile ready to wear luxury brand catering to women all over the world. Izayla is representation of the owner’s personality and style, which is; classy, edgy and comfortable. Created for women who can be both sophisticated and conservative, all while being comfortable. [ View and Connect ] Hafiz Sisters Beauty Supply A full service retail beauty supply store. Carries bundles, braiding hair, wigs, chemicals, makeup, skincare, and men's products. Their motto is "come grow with us." If they do not have it, they do their best to get it for you! [ View and Connect ]

easing into the new year with kayla of a place for audre

The past year has been a strain on us individually and collectively. The most important lesson I’ve learned?: Handle you and your space with ease and care. I don’t have to begin with reviewing what 2020 has been for us. We all have intimately felt and have been impacted by the actions and inactions of others. Personally, I lost my job and wasn’t too sure what was going to happen next. After some reflecting and brainstorming, I decided to finally start my business: A Place for Audre. It combines my passions of accountability coaching and home styling. I believe your internal growth should be reflected externally in your space. With the clients that I have worked with so far, the biggest barriers they have dealt with were extending grace for themselves and their home. Our over-culture is extremely focused on productivity and that productivity being directly tied to your worth. Adding the layers of patriarchy and white supremacy, this combined over-culture pressure is felt even harder on Black women. Black women have also been socialized to believe that other people and their needs matter more than ours. That engaging in martyrdom is the ultimate good and noble thing to do. But what if we spent all the energy we spend trying to take care of other people towards taking care of ourselves? What if we honored and listened to our body and took a break? If we slowed down to meet our own needs, then became more resourced to help other people meet their own needs, imagine what kind of structures we could build together! Audre Lorde said it best: “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” I want that energy to also carry into your home. Your home is the container where all your life and growing occurs, and usually the relationship we have with our home is connected to our sense of self. Disarray we feel in our lives can manifest in the house via piles that keep stacking up, home tasks that get started but never get finished, items that take up space that we can’t seem to let go…and then the guilt and pressure we apply to ourselves we also apply to our home. Similar to the collective pressure/guilt my clients have felt and I also have experienced that things should still be moving “normally” and that since we have “more time on our hands” we should be able to accomplish all these tasks. But the best thing we can do for ourselves to take the time to slow down and acknowledge how far we’ve come, and then ease into whatever will be coming our way. Honoring ourselves, and taking the time to figure out what need and how we can fill that need is the key to getting through this with peace of mind. Convinced that low and slow is the way to go? Great! Let’s start off with some reflection questions to help us ease into 2021. Reflection Questions There are so many things we can do to add ease to your life and your home. The first step is information gathering! Ask yourself the following questions and journal/reflect on what the best answers are for you: What did younger you need to feel safe in a space? This question can certainly bring up a lot, sometimes it brings up the times when we were younger and unsafe in our space, that’s also information about what we currently need. When you’re experiencing stress, where do you go in your space? Do you have a dedicated room, corner, set of behaviors you do in your home to soothe your nervous system? If not, could creating something add ease to you and your home? If you had no barriers to creating a space that supports your growth what would you do? Even if this isn’t physically/financially possible, you still get to dream! And those dreams can eventually translate into tangible and accessible changes in your home. What’s one thing you can do to shift your space? These shifts don’t have to be elaborate, and they don’t even have to be multiple shifts! Even moving a table or rearranging a room can make a world of a difference. How do you incorporate your senses into a space? Your space should make all your senses happy! How it looks, feels, smells are all important factors. What textures make you happy? What smells instantly calm you down? Make sure those things are in your home. I hope these questions are a great start to you easing into the new year. If you want to explore more I’d love to connect! A Place for Audre combines Accountability Coaching and Home Styling, working on the belief that work done internally should be reflected externally in your space. Kayla, the creator behind A Place for Audre, has a background in Black feminism, anti-oppression work and years as a Social Worker working with marginalized communities. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, she is now currently based in Berkeley, CA. For more information about Kayla and A Place for Audre, visit

say hello to dope pieces and our family's doing yoga!

Please help us welcome the newest members of The Buy From A Black Woman Directory! Dope Pieces Produces puzzles that are visually stimulating, unique, beautiful, edgy, and exciting. Will showcase the work of talented artists of color, while affirming a positive narrative of the black and brown diaspora. [ View and Connect ] Our Family's Doing Yoga A resource committed to expanding the face of wellness for kids by offering positive representation through children's books, Black Kids Do Yoga Club, social media and YouTube channel. Wants kids to see themselves represented in the wellness community. [ View and Connect ]

buy from a black woman 2020 recap

Thank you for making 2020 a year to remember! Let’s take a look back at some things that helped define Buy From a Black Woman this year... We look forward to serving you, our community in 2021. Want to see some more of our favorite moments? Click here to see the whole year in review.

Closed for the holidays

Happy, merry everything! It's a busy time for all, but please remember to rest. We are. Over the next couple of days, we are taking a break to remember our purpose, our mission, and goals. But no worries, you can still utilize the Buy From A Black Woman Online Directory to find great deals that will carry you towards the new year. During our downtime, the Directory will also not be accepting any new businesses. If you are a Black woman business owner interested in joining, please visit the Join page to sign up to receive notification when the application reopens. We are working on something great for the new year! See you soon!

say hello to hustle & hope and angela nwalie educational services inc!

Please help us welcome the newest members of The Buy From A Black Woman Directory! Hustle & Hope A greeting card company with a bit of a twist. With each card purchased, recipients unlock a free guide filled with tips and advice to help them level up in their career and life. The greeting cards are bold and feature fun, relatable, and empowering phrases (each card comes with a different career guide). [ View and Connect ] Angela Nwalie Educational Services Inc. A family-owned business that's been part of the Aurora Community since May 2020. Writes and sells children’s literacy books, participates in online & in-person reading activity for preschoolers and school-age children. [ View and Connect ]

say hello to afro boho vibes, hemp envy co., and under my paper tree!

Please help us welcome the newest members of The Buy From A Black Woman Directory! Afro Boho Vibes A thoughtfully curated collection of powerful & enchanted products. Each carefully selected for its ability to elevate, purify, balance, & restore you! From Aromatherapy, Imported Incense, & Energy Oils to Spiritual Baths and Gemstone Jewelry. They help You Unlock your Magick! [ View and Connect ] Hemp Envy Co. Aims to help clients live the healthiest lives they can while offering alternative solutions to a multitude of issues affecting people every day. Prooducts are organically grown in the USA, third-party tested, gluten-free, all natural with no metals or harsh chemicals, and THC free. [ View and Connect ] Under My Paper Tree Provides customized stationery, signage, and paper goods for weddings and special occasions. [ View and Connect ]

say hello to herfinebasics, t. nicole, and the ally league!

Please help us welcome the newest members of The Buy From A Black Woman Directory! herfinebasics Elevated fashion basics for the body conscious woman. [ View and Connect ] t. nicole Represents pure joy in luxury. In everything we do in life, we are crafting our dreams, choosing our experiences, and creating our own joy. T. Nicole brings genuine leather, hand-stitched seams, and stylish adornments to the hands of individuals who love stylish, functional, and beautiful handbags. [ View and Connect ] the ally league Promotes Black-owned businesses to strengthen our communities and economy. They give allies the opportunity to learn about great new products and support local, small Black-owned businesses through sales of curated "Black Boxes." Boxes are available on their own, or via quarterly subscription. [ View and Connect ]

Say hello to legna financials, hair affair growth oil, and lolahsoul jewelry!

Please help us welcome the newest members of The Buy From A Black Woman Directory! Legna Financials Being a new business owner can be overwhelming and stressful, which is why Legna Financials focuses on managing your financials. Their love for numbers has encouraged them to start this business to help you, the business owner, build a strong financial foundation. [ View and Connect ] Hair Affair Stimulating Growth Oil Handmade hair growth and beard growth oils using all natural ingredients. Also offers silk edge scarfs, strong hold edge control (that also promotes growth), and edge brushes. [ View and Connect ] LolahSoul Jewelry Unique, one-of-a-kind wearable art & home of The Adinkra Charm Bracelet Collection. [ View and Connect ]

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