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november 9 - 15 | This week with Buy From A Black Woman...

The whole month of November we are celebrating Black Women Business Owners everyday!

We do that already but this month we are going over & beyond. Each day you can enter for your chance to win a product or service from a Black Woman Business Owner via our Instagram & Facebook Page or catch a live podcast on our YouTube Channel.

On our blog we're also highlighting the business owners that are part of the Black Woman Directory. Check back here daily to learn more about the Black Woman Business Owners featured throughout the week of November 9 - 15th.

Monday, November 9

Camella's Kitchen

Camella’s Kitchen is helping you to elevate your meals at home and on-the-go with bold Caribbean flavors. Rooted in tradition, all flavors are handcrafted in small batches. Offering hot sauce, marinade, spices, cakes and more, they believe in high quality ingredients and try to source from local farms as much as possible. Let them help you to live your best life and #BeCamellaSaucy!

Meet Nyana & Karen

Camella's Kitchen was founded by a mother-daughter duo from Trinidad and Tobago Karen & Nyana. Karen has a food certification and decades of experience making Caribbean delicacies, having learned her trade from her mother, the lovely Ms. Camella. Nyana similarly learned her trade from Karen, and with her love of cooking and passion for Caribbean culture, is continuing the legacy of Ms. Camella.

Uptown Classic

Uptown Classic is a growing e-commerce store with a curated collection of home goods and lifestyle items. They source items from black-owned and woman-owned businesses and are actively seeking new brands to add to their platform.

Meet Janelle

Janelle is a young entrepreneur from Philly. She is a Licensed Social Worker & the VP of a College Board of Directors who is passionate about diversity, skincare, home goods and positive vibes.

Janelle started her business after seeking natural skincare products that were toxin free, and finding few that met her needs. She joined her passion for creating and quest for a healthier lifestyle with her love of skincare to create The Love of Moisture. The desire to create an online platform to sell her skincare products, her passion for creating positive space, and her support of black owned and woman owned businesses led to the creation of the e-commerce store Uptown Classic.


Tuesday, November 10

Holistic Blyss

Guided by ancestral knowledge, Holistic Blyss strives to create equitable healing spaces for BIPOC communities. Together the craft soul wellness rituals that offer personal healing & growth through meditation, body movement and herbal support, rooted in Afro-Latinx heritage.


Blyss is an afro-latinx marine biologist with an affinity for the natural world and the cultural traditions that honor our roots. She grounds herself in her herbalism practice, mental wellness rituals that have supported her through her personal growth & healing journey. She started Holistic Blyss to reclaim our cultural herbal traditions and create equitable healing spaces for our communities of color, offering meditation, body movement & herbal supports.

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The Way Thru

The Way Thru guides creative visionaries to live with passion, purpose, and strength without burning out or selling out. Everyone comes to the table with their own perspectives, life experiences, and values, so each coaching relationship is unique; no two are the same. Have real conversations with space for you to be your authentic, creative, messy, and brilliant self. No bias, judgment, or BS. Bring your life into alignment with your values.

Meet Raven

Raven is the Founder, Strategist, Coach, and Compassionate Goal Setting Guide. Here to support your creative vision as a mirror to help you see your blind spots, a magnifying glass to bring your vision into focus, and a spotlight on your shadows so that you can do the work required to up-level your creative venture, get out of your own way and contribute to your community in meaningful ways.

With over 15 years of experience developing marketing and operational strategies for solo business owners, she's on a mission to help other perfectly imperfect visionaries work through the barriers and get their work into the world using practices such as self-care, mindfulness, meditation, and yoga.

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Wednesday, November 11

JP Operations

JPO provides cost-effective storage, eCommerce fulfillment, pick and pack, kitting, and delivery services for small to medium sized businesses. They handle all your logistical needs so that you can focus on creating and selling your product.

Meet Bethany

JPO is owned and operated by a sister-brother duo with more than a decades of experience with retail logistics. Bethany started JPO operations out of a shed in her office. After she saw a need in the fulfillment and warehousing sector for woman-owned businesses, she expanded her operations. By day, Bethany practices law in downtown Los Angeles. Every hour she's not at work, she's running JPO with her business partner (and little brother), Isaiah.

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Angel's Essence

Angel’s Essence creates homemade skin, hair, and bath products for sensitive skin. When it comes to choosing ingredients, their motto is “less is more."

Meet Tenesha

As the owner and creator of Angel’s Essence, Tenesha's mission is to help people of all skin types, with a particular focus on those with sensitive skin.

Having worked in Workforce Development for 10 years to provide individuals with career assistance, she is finding her role as the owner and creator of Angel’s Essence has brought out a different passion for helping people-- this time with the creation of something that is all her own, without the need to follow any specific formula or plan.

Ultimately, Tenesha hopes to deliver services via a mobile beauty truck and to be able to solely utilize all natural, organic products in her formulations. A plan that's currently on hold due to COVID-19.

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Thursday, November 12

Transform with Nadia

Transform with Nadia is a digital fitness nutrition & wellness studio that specializes in helping time-crunched professionals relieve aches and pains, gain energy, and feel confident in their own skin. Offering simple, but effective training plans and in-depth nutrition coaching, tailored to meet each and every client's unique needs.


Nadia is a Certified Personal Trainer with more than 8 years of experience working with clients both in groups and 1:1. She is also a 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher and has a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology. Nadia has a passion for helping clients create healthier happier lives and seeks to do so by creating holistic training plans that address the mind, the body, and the spirit.

Fort Negrita

Fort Negrita is a member cooperative dedicated to increasing awareness of a non-extractive, environmentally-friendly lifestyle by offering opportunities for marginalized people to make a livelihood while living and giving gently on planet Earth. As Atlanta’s first zero-waste community outreach and education organization, they offer zero-waste reusable products, content for increasing awareness, and local programming.


While Anamarie is the founder of Fort Negrita, she generally avoids centering herself when it comes to the cooperative and its mission. She'd rather encourage you to become a custodian of the earth and examine the ways in which you can better live and give gently on the planet-- pay attention to what you throw away, identify and use reusable alternatives to single use items, check for a bulk section in your grocery store.

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Friday, November 13

Shenelled It!

Shenelled It! is a small business based in Texas, whose mission is to help add a relaxing and calming experience through entrepreneurship. Candles are made of 100% natural soy wax, infused with essential oils, fragrance oils and hand poured in small batches for your enjoyment.

Each fragrance is named after an expression that many can relate to. A scentful expression, that is, of a word or phrase that is used to express a thought or an emotion. Shenelled It! strives to create these products that captures the expressions through a fragrance and gives you that feeling when you smell the sensuous aromas.


Shenella, the founder of Shenelled It!, is a wife, mother, and veteran who has a passion for making handmade products that are harmless. The idea of starting her own business became a reality to her after serving her country in the U.S. Army for 20 years. Her love for aromatherapy and home fragrances inspired her to create her own line.

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Align Brooklyn

Align Brooklyn is a boutique wellness studio in Brooklyn, NY offering mindful practices including yoga, Pilates, barre, HIIT, chiropractic and nutrition to increase your functional vitality. Their array of classes are centered around one theme: alignment of body, mind and heart. The synthesis of strength, core stability, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, balance, optimal nutritional status, and mental awareness creates wellness.


Many know Pam, the co-owner of Align Brooklyn, from her work as the former co-host and producer of the WBAI Morning Show Tuesday Edition, where she highlighted the stories of underserved communities. As an activist and scholar her work has often focused on economic and racial justice. She is an expert in Sociology of Media and holds Masters Degrees in both Media Studies and Sociology from the New School.

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Sunday, November 15

The Good Vibe Collection

The Good Vibe Collection represents spreading positive energy with stylish fashion accessories & apparel. The collection is made with love and designed with the intention to uplift-- keep it cute on the outside but especially positive on the inside. Change Your Mindset Like You Change Your Fashion!


Ta’sha, also know as Stylish Eye Diva, is the owner and creator of The Good Vibe Collection. Born and raised in Newark, NJ, Ta’sha has always had a thing for fashion. She started as a Personal Wardrobe Stylist & Closet Organizer before becoming CEO of The Good Vibe Collection. The Good Vibe Bracelets were created as a reminder that good energy is contagious, why not spread it with style!


JuliaE Lips is a makeup and skincare line offered to the extra ordinary woman doing ordinary things; and as far as we are concerned that is EVERY woman.


Born and raised in the North Philadelphia area, Mara grew up in a family of strong women and was influenced to create a brand that included, influenced, and represented those she saw in her community. She is very passionate about building self-esteem, sharing self-love tools, and offering any advice and guidance she can to avoid a young lady experiencing any pitfall she or someone she knows had to experience.

With JuliaELips, Mara is on a mission to show young women by example that they can achieve all things that they believe.

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