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just the facts with Dr. Q: self-exams

Breast self-exams: 

a. Increase the detection rate for breast cancer. 

b. Guide your provider’s examination of your breasts. 

c. Are useless. 

d. Can cause trauma to your breast tissue. 

Answer: b. Breast self-examinations should be done once a month. It’s best to do them in the week after your period has started, because your breasts are the least dense then. If you don’t have periods, then pick the same time every month. You can remember to do them by linking them with something you do every month anyway – like paying a particular bill.

Breast self-exams do not increase breast cancer detection. But they do keep you familiar with your own breasts. This will help your provider when you’re getting your breasts examined. If they feel something, you can tell them if it’s longstanding and unchanged, or if it’s new. 


October is Breast Health Awareness Month and we at Buy from a Black Woman are excited to have Dr. Q as this month's guest blogger. Throughout the month, she will be offering ideas and facts about breast health and disease to our community. For more information about Dr. Q and Delaware Breast Care, visit

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