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just the facts with Dr. Q: breast pain

True or False: Breast cancer frequently causes pain. If your breast hurts, chances are high that you have breast cancer.

Answer: False. The vast majority of cases of breast cancer do not cause pain. If your breast hurts, it is likely for a benign reason like hormone changes or musculoskeletal inflammation. There are other causes, like cysts and fibroadenomas, that are specifically caused by hormone variations. Infections can cause pain.

A big dietary connection is caffeine: while this is not the case for every woman, cutting down on the coffee (and chocolate!) relieves the pain in many women. While breast pain usually burns out over years (decades!), many women find that wearing a nice, tight sports bra – even to bed – makes the pain a lot better.

If you have breast pain, it’s important that you see a doctor for a thorough examination.


October is Breast Health Awareness Month and we at Buy from a Black Woman are excited to have Dr. Q as this month's guest blogger. Throughout the month, she will be offering ideas and facts about breast health and disease to our community. For more information about Dr. Q and Delaware Breast Care, visit

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