• mskaria kay's shop

    mskaria kay's shop

    Custom designs and products for everyone. Fun sayings for kids and adults.

  • heavenly hands event catering

    heavenly hands event catering

    A full-service catering company in Lansing, IL offering catering, bartending, waitstaff and decorating services.

  • cajose natural

    cajose natural

    A naturally vegan hair, beard, bath & body care company. 100% shea butter free and using the most quality ingredients for your hair, skin and beard, products are carefully formulated and handmade with an immense amount of love and attention.

  • calabash tea & tonic

    calabash tea & tonic

    Your #1 resource for truly healthful custom teas & superfoods formulated by 5th generation master herbalists. A brand that takes the work of ancestors seriously and is committed to providing ethically farmed, great tasting, healing products.

  • diamond life home

    diamond life home

    A home embellishment line curated for those who love the lure of all things Black luxury and simplified elegance.

  • hemp envy co.

    hemp envy co.

    Aims to help clients live the healthiest lives they can while offering alternative solutions to a multitude of issues affecting people every day. Prooducts are organically grown in the USA, third-party tested, gluten-free, all natural with no metals or harsh chemicals, and THC free.

  • moving mountains coaching

    moving mountains coaching

    Provides transformational life coaching services that help individuals overcome obstacles, reduce stress, and increase their belief in their own value. Individualized coaching is tailored to help each client live Life more empowered and accomplish goals.

  • soundbath meditation online

    soundbath meditation online

    A virtual experience that allows you to melt away layers of stress and anxiety, in the comforts of your own home, using the soothing vibrations of crystal singing bowl sound baths.

  • vigorwicks candle co.

    vigorwicks candle co.

    Vigorously igniting senses by handcrafting vegan soy wax candles that are strategically blended with premium phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils.

  • all my boys shop

    all my boys shop

    Casual, cool, comfortable and most importantly conscious apparel for our little boys.

  • holistic blyss

    holistic blyss

    Provides spiritual herbal products and wellness consultations including meditation + body movement. Their goal is to hold equitable healing spaces for the BIPOC community to self-heal from racial trauma, stress, and anxiety.

  • mood room candle co

    mood room candle co

    All natural wooden wick soy candles inspired by peaceful destinations and mental spaces to escape your busy lifestyle.

  • botanicals beauty

    botanicals beauty

    The perfect beauty solution for consumers who are in pursuit of unique, luxurious, high-quality, natural beauty solutions. Body oils, body powder, body scrubs, body butters, face masks, hair masks, hair teas, and much more. Nothing basic- every luxe.

  • raquel riley thomas beauty

    raquel riley thomas beauty

    Cosmetic tools handcrafted and designed for women on the go! Created by a former U.S. Army Officer turned Beauty and Fashion expert, cosmetics use the formula 3GL: Glamour Lashes, Glamour Lips, Glamour Lids.

  • north 7th street

    north 7th street

    Tee Thought...A phrase, fact, or design that gets you thinking, researching, and taking action to elevate yourself, your family, your community & your world view.

  • violet heads

    violet heads

    Jordan Hood is a Graphic Designer who loves putting her hand-made designs on merchandise (specifically shirts).

  • oasis soul scent co.

    oasis soul scent co.

    Crafts luxury handmade scented candles and home & body treats with natural ingredients & lasting fragrances inspired by soulful music.

  • grand vibrations

    grand vibrations

    Handmade jewelry and accessories with high vibratory frequencies. Rings, bracelets, keychains and more. Creations featuring genuine gemstones and minerals.

  • melanin magic shea butter

    melanin magic shea butter

    A distributor of organically scented whipped shea butters and conditioning growth beard oils.

  • for your inner g

    for your inner g

    A stationery and gift shop that creates products to support and encourage individual reflection and personal development. Products consist of stationery paper goods, apparel, and novelty gifts that strengthen connection to mind, body, and spirit.

  • 4209 creative

    4209 creative

    Provides multimedia branding, marketing, and strategic planning, with an emphasis on nonprofit community outreach.

  • mommie and me boutique & co

    mommie and me boutique & co

    Provides coordinating pieces for the everyday mommie and her little one, after all who doesn't want to match their Dope Mommie.

  • adorn new york inc.

    adorn new york inc.

    Specializes in unique handcrafted accessories with the endeavor to empower the individual by adorning the body. No jewelry design is ever crafted the same.

  • brooklyn gem

    brooklyn gem

    GEM stands for God's Embodied Magic. Believing crystals are signs from above & that there lies beauty in even the darkest of places. Sage is hand-selected, as is each gem used to create necklaces, earrings and other accessories as wearable mementos.



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