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1/6/22, 11:10 PM

I bought the Ivy's Bundle (2 teas - Blow and Nip's Tea and a honey - Cut It) for my team for Christmas... and they loved it! The tea and honey are super high quality with unique flavors that really bring something different to the table. The order also processed/arrived super fast! Highly recommend!



1/3/22, 9:42 PM

I received a gift card a while back to check out Ivy’s Tea. While browsing, I came across the Blood Orange. I decided to give it a try, cause after all… what did I have to lose?

I used to be rolled up in a ball in tears each month. Now, I’m able to function with little to no pain. So, I’ve been singing praises to anyone who’ll listen to me about it because… this tea helped me her back a part of my life that I was missing each month. I stand by it. And, I’ll be for real, the few months I went without (thinking maybe it’s in my head that it worked), I soon learned I shouldn’t have done that… at all.

I also got the honey, shmoney,
on my first order. (The two were a perfect pair.) I couldn’t wait to try it. So, I dipped my finger in the jar and quickly called my husband to try it. I kept going on and on about it and just had to blast it to the world because it was that damn good. (I was even surprised by their responsiveness on social media. Nothing like a personable brand.)

It took Ivy’s Tea to show me true wellness through tea—something much more than flavored water—it’s opened me up to how tea can bring healing to my life. I’d never known a Black tea brand until this one either—that’s what makes it even more beautiful.

Let me add that the customer service is A-1. Shipping times are spot on. Variety of tea ensures that there is something for everyone. Packaging (which has change) makes taking your tea on vacation real easy. Mind you… the cultural representation across this brand is everything!



12/31/21, 6:26 PM

I bought the Not Coffee and the Sister Sister tea and both products are amazing. I felt so rejuvenated when I woke up, after drinking the Sister Sister tea the night before. I was so stressed. I drank the Not Coffee every morning when I get off my night shifts.

tangerine moon designs
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