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Warner Robins, Georgia, USA

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12/5/21, 8:45 PM

Vigorwicks is a business that offers top quality products along with, exceptional customer service. I always get excited when I receive my candles. These candles are everything! They make the perfect gift for any occasion (from the various scents that ignite your senses, to the branding, to the packaging). If you are looking for an amazing product look no further! Vigorwicks is it!


Summar W

12/5/21, 4:10 PM

I’ve purchased candles several times, and I’m impressed each time. The fragrances fill up the room, and knowing that they are eco friendly makes me proud.
Customer service is exceptional, and timely.
I Highly recommend!!


K. S.

12/2/21, 2:29 AM

These mats are visually stunning and quite empowering! My lady love hers!

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The ideal space for women to do business. Instead of continuing to ask for seats and access, they built a table that is unapologetically intentional for Black women and minority entrepreneurs to build community, connect, collaborate, and grow businesses together. Welcome to Succeed.Cowork, ya’ll! It’s an action word, an affirmation, and a whole vibe. #letssucceedtogether