my melanin fits

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Alexandria Austin

7/31/21, 2:48 AM

ATK has always BLESS ME! I always feel confident in my custom ATK shirts! If I buy a gift for a family or friend for a special occasion I’m never worried if presentation or the quality of the product is going to be good! ATK have past my expectations for quality and top tier service! Always going above and beyond to make sure I get what I paid for! Delivery is great! Owner is amazing! Designs is great! ATK don’t play when it comes to their work so don’t play with ATK!


Erica Cadigan

7/31/21, 12:41 AM

The packaging is on point! I received my order and loved it all. My order came on time and I am excited to try everything. I will definitely be ordering again :)



7/28/21, 2:51 PM

I love ATK! Customer service is top tier. Material top tier. I feel like I can get so much and not worry about when it’s going to come, how it’s going to come, or if I’m gonna like it or not. I just love how I am able to be so confident in their work. 10/10 recommend!

my melanin fits
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Specializes in custom stylish yet functional luggage sets + travel accessories reflecting black beauty, excellence + culture.

Our mission is to provide goods that highlight and uplift black culture by utilizing designs that look like us and speak our language, made by creatives who look like us and speak our language. Whether you're in the market for a statement tee, or if you want to head on your next vacation with a custom designed luggage set, My Melanin Fits is your go-to source for melanin-rich merchandise.