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Jayla Davis

10/10/21, 7:49 PM

I SUPPORT ATK because you can see the passion and love behind what’s she does and she is soo hard working I feel when your around her it pushing you to work harder at what your doing. ATK shines her light through THE apparel and THROUGH her being a Boss herself her personality matches that !


Crystal Freeman

10/7/21, 10:36 PM

Wonderful service. Jermelle nailed exactly what i wanted for my logo. She puts her heart into every design and it finished product reflects that. She never disappoints.


Esther Yanquoi

10/7/21, 3:56 PM

Great Customer service, Jermelle is very knowledgeable and helpful. She offers Fantastic services, you won't be disappointed.

journee naturelle
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Whether it is a natural soap to help soothe and brighten your skin or a scented soy candle that transports your home to a tropical island destination, all their products have been designed to provide experiences that everyone in your family can enjoy. Body care products are formulated with natural ingredients like turmeric, aloe, and activated charcoal to help improve skin’s texture and appearance, while also providing luxurious lathering and lasting moisture. Journee Naturelle products help you look good, smell good, and feel good.