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5/27/21, 11:13 PM

Haaappy Friday Jr!!
Ok, the rating scale is definitely not high enough to accurately rate the Moodroom Candle Co experience, this business is simply off the scales!! It’s a one of a kind experience and the dedication, knowledge and presentation of these beautiful replicas of true destination experiences called candles... 🤣😂surely puts this company on a new level of excellence!! I am addicted to the Moodroom experience from the time of the purchase and consistent excellence in customer service, beautiful packaging and presentation of each crafty little story behind every scent; to that first light up of that marvelous crackling wooden wick! Yeah, It’s fair to say, I am a Moodie for life I just want to thank you Moodroom Candle, for changing the game in the most phenomenal way!!!


Lauren Holder

5/26/21, 12:54 AM

Mood Room candles are the all-around experience! They catch your eye and draw you in. Clean looking vessels set the mood while the most perfect scents fill the air. I am so pleased with Mood Room Candles I will surely be back for more! I appreciate an artisan who has a ‘nose’ for the finer things.


Paula Ralph-Birkett

5/11/21, 1:50 AM

I love Curious by Jess' curated products and accessories!! Her "Keep Going" button and "Black Girl Magic" notebook are just what I need to stay inspired as I create my own business and re-shape my world. I will continue to purchase her collections and high quality products that speak to me, not around me. I LOVE THAT!!!!

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