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9/19/21, 2:13 PM

Omg ,I don’t know where to begin! The packaging was so cute as were the matches 😊 I burned the pumpkin when I was having trouble relaxing and falling asleep, this got the job done! That amazing smell filled the room and I was instantly out lol. My husband put it out for me and couldn’t wait to ask all about it that morning , now he wants some for his bath days 😫❤️. Love these !



8/24/21, 4:42 PM

I've been following Ivy's Tea on Instagram forever, and finally placed an order - why didn't I do this sooner??? All my teas are awesome, the sample that came with was awesome, and love emanates out of this product. Highly recommend, especially Grown, the BFABW collab tea!


P Wright

8/23/21, 8:24 PM

I ordered a build your own consisting of 3 different granolas. I was kept up to date on my order from ordering to receiving my shipment. The package arrived packed with great care ensuring that none of my jars were damaged in transit. There was even a fresh bag of caramel/kettle popcorn and a hand written thank you from the owner. It was a great surprise that I was not expecting. The popcorn was so good, I went back on the website looking for it so I could order some more, lol. The granola is DELICIOUS. I ordered Fall Back, Ole and Cranberry. I will be ordering more from this company. In my opinion their professionalism rates deserves a 10!

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Introducing African ancient supergrains to the world! At their core, this business is driving economical transformation in Africa while providing the world an opportunity to discover healthy good-for-you ingredients. Choputa means "discover" in the Igbo language in Nigeria. Fonio grain is the beacon of light at the beginning of their journey in pursuit of goodness. The Instant FONIO Breakfast Cereal is Vegan, Non GMO, Gluten- Free, 24g of Whole grain and 5g of Protein. A great alternative to oatmeal and/or Cous Cous. Available in four exciting flavors: Apple Cinnamon, Maple, Pineapple, Kiwi, and Mixed Berry.