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8/6/21, 12:18 AM

Quick shipping! Tea was shipped out after I purchased it only 45 minutes ago! The tea came quick and was delicious! I will be purchasing from this company again!



8/6/21, 12:03 AM

I love Ivy's Tea! They are top quality and the she has the most innovative honey flavors. I love that there is a back story for each flavor! The customer service is top-notch. She keeps you updated every step of the way.



8/5/21, 11:47 PM

I first heard of Ivy Tea Co.
via an email from Buy From a Black Woman. I have never been a big tea loose leaf drinker but I was drawn in by the idea of "drinking tea like an adult" so I gave it a try. I was NOT DISAPPOINTED!! I absolutely love their selection of tea and honey. I have made multiple purchases and recommended them to friends who have raved also. They have a loyal customer. Do yourself a favor and get yourself some tea and honey ASAP from Ivy's Tea Co!

camella's kitchen
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