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PaulRunningHorse Vigil

8/6/22, 3:41 PM

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Rebekah K

7/10/22, 1:35 PM

Flyest tea has the highest quality loose leaf tea I have ever purchased. Each tea I have tried is so flavorful and isn't a powder - they are full leaves, flowers, berries... It is beautiful! Also shipping and customer service is top notch! Love to read Shanae's newsletter and posts she's an incredible herbalist and I look forward to buying from her for many many years to come!


Lauren R

7/10/22, 1:20 PM

Great product, yummy tea and honey, top tier packaging, and incredible customer service.

be you candles
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A vibrant selection of handmade, coconut and soy blended, candles and wax melts that brings energy to lighten and brighten any space.